WIN the Genius Ultra!

New RE9 Advanced Skincare Tutorial with the Genius Ultra. 

I am currently holding a competition on my online store - anyone who joins my on line store as a PC and invests in their skincare with the ASVP pack of the RE9, will automatically be put into a competition to win the Genius Ultra. I will randomly choose ONE lucky winner to win the Genius Ultra, SRP £296. Competition ends 26th February. 

GOOD LUCK to anyone who puts their trust in me and these products. xo

Arbonne Advantage with Michael D'Arminio


Explaining my Passion!

Hello, let me help explain how my love affair of all things cruelty free, vegan and chemical free came about. Well, what can I say? I have been loving my new hair and wellness studio that will be celebrating our first year in business on the 9th March this year. I can't believe it has been a whole year already.

The reason I got in to this all started when my mum was diagnosed with bowel cancer and I started to research products and their properties. Sulphates and paraben's are not good for your body and your bowel cannot break them down! I am gluten intolerant also so this really was a no brainer for me. Yes, they are slightly more expensive than some brands but I would rather invest in better products that I can not only use on myself but I can use on my clients too. The products are all sulphate, paraben free and cruelty free too. The more I think about it the more I understand why I have chosen to have my studio as my wee haven. I wouldn't want anyone to test products o…

Competition Time 

I swear by these products so much that I am going to be giving away the Genius Ultra to ONE lucky person who decides to take the leap of faith in their skincare and become a preferred client on my online shop and purchases the RE9 Advanced® skincare ASVP set.
This smart skincare tool uses impressive technology to achieve incredible results - Get ready to boost your skincare regimen to a whole new level.
Read my blog posts on my website to find out more about the products.
Thank you guys. xo


I always love it when I come across anyone reviewing Arbonne. So I was delighted to stumble across this You Tube self taught makeup artist Hae Bae Beauty reviewing certain products that had been sent to her. I think she created a great and informative video using the Arbonne Makeup. Check out her honest review. I love it. I think you will to.

Product Information that was used in this video.

Primer - SRP £32 PC £25.60

Foundation - SRP £37 PC £27.70

Eye Shadow - SRP £14 PC £11.20 each

Eye Shadow Duo Palette - SRP & PC £4.50

Eye Liner - SRP £23 PC £18.40

Mascara - SRP £31 PC £24.80

Bronzer - SRP £25 PC £20

For anyone wondering why the PC price is cheaper and what the PC even means let me explain. My Arbonne business love to award customers who have a passion for all things cruelty free and vegan too. I call my PC (preferred clients) my VIPers - You can become a VIP member for a yearly subscription of only £25. This gives you ALL the discounts throughout the year and you can purchase …

It's Genius!

Hey everyone, it's me again. Yes I am in LOVE with Arbonne. Their products are to die for. Being a gluten free vegan can be tough but with Arbonne they have nearly everything I need. These Genius Pads are amazing and they really do work. No need for acid peels or any nasty chemicals. I know today is Wednesday but I wanted to share this Tuesday Tip video about the Genius Pads. I swear by them. Even my hubby uses them. They REALLY work. They retail for £96. When you become a VIP (that's what I like to call my preferred clients) on my online store and you get them for £76.80. If you haven't already become a VIP you can do so and when you spend £190 on your first order you can actually receive these Genius Pads as a free gift!! Yes, it is so good! click my site to shop and have a nosey. If you want to know anymore, please just ask. My email is Talk soon. Love Lynette xx

How To UseUse Genius every night.
Step 1: C…