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Life as a hairdresser really is awesome!

It really is true what they say you know, hairdressers do have the best job. Well I think so anyways. Yes its long hours on your feet and you dont neccessarily get proper "breaks" all the time but it is ALL worth it. Everyday I get to be creative. I cut, colour and style people's hair. Everyday is always different. I work from an amazing salon called Blue and the team I work with are just BRILLIANT, they are all so talented and its inspirational to work and learn from them every day. Our aim is simple.....GREAT HAIR ALL OF THE TIME!! I am lucky enough to also be able to be creative outside of salon hours and work on photo shoots, fashion shows and create wedding hair. I have been honoured to work with some of Northern Ireland's top hairstylists, photographers, make-up artists and stylists. I truely am blessed to be working with such amazing people. That is it for today, just wanted to say how fab it is to be a hairdresser and make people feel good about themselves an…

Love Hair-Love Life: sunday photo shoto

Love Hair-Love Life: sunday photo shoto: "Today (Sunday 14th Nov) I am lucky enough to be working with Jennifer Ireland an amazing talented make-up artist, Nikita Tully, a..."

sunday photo shoto

Today (Sunday 14th Nov) I am lucky enough to be working with Jennifer Ireland an amazing talented make-up artist, Nikita Tully, a stunningly beautiful model and fab quirky stylist and of course the reason for the shoot the brilliant and totally innovative photographer Jess Holmes for Vitavie Photographic. All these girls have links on my main profile blog page so if you have a spare 10 mins have a wee look through their pages and check out their work. Yesterday I had Nikita come into the salon where i work in Belfast, Blue Hairdressing. David Smyth who owns it helped me prepare Nikita's hair for todays shoot. The look involves latex balloons and lots of colour. Jess's vision is very quirky and different and definitely more editorially inspired. I could imagine her work in Paris or Japan or fronting the covers of Dazed and Confused! Definitely ahead of her time in Belfast. Well, its just after 8am now and I have to go gather all my belongings for todays shoot. Behind the scenes…

my passion for hair

When I was only little, not much taller than I am now actually if im honest, I haven't really grown much :D I always wanted to play with hair. I learnt how to french plait my own hair from my Jackie manual when i was only 8 I think. My poor younger sister was always tortured by me to play with her hair. My mum has an amazing photo of me doing my sisters hair when I was only about 5 years old. It has always been my passion. My Granny Ball was always such a glamourous woman and never went out without her hair done. Her neighbour had a salon in her house and I always went with her when she got her hair done. I used to sweep up and help with passing up of the rollers for the old lady perms. I just LOVED it. I knew even then that my life would have to involve hair. It really is my life!!!! When I left school my parents encouraged me to futher my education and for that I am truely thankful because when I turned 21 and was working in Royal Mail after doing a year of an HND in marketing I…