Life as a hairdresser really is awesome!

It really is true what they say you know, hairdressers do have the best job. Well I think so anyways. Yes its long hours on your feet and you dont neccessarily get proper "breaks" all the time but it is ALL worth it. Everyday I get to be creative. I cut, colour and style people's hair. Everyday is always different. I work from an amazing salon called Blue and the team I work with are just BRILLIANT, they are all so talented and its inspirational to work and learn from them every day. Our aim is simple.....GREAT HAIR ALL OF THE TIME!! I am lucky enough to also be able to be creative outside of salon hours and work on photo shoots, fashion shows and create wedding hair. I have been honoured to work with some of Northern Ireland's top hairstylists, photographers, make-up artists and stylists. I truely am blessed to be working with such amazing people. That is it for today, just wanted to say how fab it is to be a hairdresser and make people feel good about themselves and their hair. LOVE LIFE - LOVE HAIR xxx


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