my passion for hair

When I was only little, not much taller than I am now actually if im honest, I haven't really grown much :D I always wanted to play with hair. I learnt how to french plait my own hair from my Jackie manual when i was only 8 I think. My poor younger sister was always tortured by me to play with her hair. My mum has an amazing photo of me doing my sisters hair when I was only about 5 years old. It has always been my passion. My Granny Ball was always such a glamourous woman and never went out without her hair done. Her neighbour had a salon in her house and I always went with her when she got her hair done. I used to sweep up and help with passing up of the rollers for the old lady perms. I just LOVED it. I knew even then that my life would have to involve hair. It really is my life!!!! When I left school my parents encouraged me to futher my education and for that I am truely thankful because when I turned 21 and was working in Royal Mail after doing a year of an HND in marketing I just knew that I did NOT want to work in a regular job, sit behind a desk or sell snow to eskimo's!!! I WANTED TO BE A HAIRDRESSER!!!!! Thankfully I got a job in Holywood for Patrick Mulholland and worked there for 10 years of my life. They taught me a hell of alot and I will always be thankful they gave me the opportunity to become who I am today. I left Patricks in April and have been working for David Smyth who owns Blue Hairdressing in Belfast, 13 Clarence St. Its an amazing salon and from there I have been encouraged to pursue my creative side. I have taken part in photo shoots, been involved in GHD nights and have met so many amazing talented people. ALL of whom have inspired me to start this blog. Without you all I would not be the person I am now. You all inspire me in different ways and I hope I get to work with  you all AGAIN and AGAIN.


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