Red Riding Hood Creative Shoot

On Sunday 30th January 2011 I woke up extremely excited as I knew I had a big day ahead of me. I had to wrap up warm and make a picnic. I was going to Tardree Forest in Ballymena to do the hair ( for a photo shoot. I had been asked to work with the crazy talented and beautiful photographer Paula O'Hara who created the vision and made this shoot possible. Jennifer Ireland the amazing make-up artist came up with the most different and beautiful make-up for the shoot. She even lovingly hand glued small red swarski crystals to Nikita Tully our beautiful model and wonderful stylist for the shoot's lips. It just brought the whole thing together. We were so lucky to have been lent the handsome husky dog Shadow from Paula's friend Marcus who breeds Kianna Malmutes and is just a fabulous man. We shot the whole shoot in Tardree Forest in Ballymena and even though we stood in the cold for over 3 hours it was worth every minute of it when we got the shots. Paula O'hara is truely an inspiration to us all. Her ability to capture a moment on camera is just out of this world. I am so lucky to work with her. The same goes to Jennifer Ireland and Nikita Tully. I hope I will continue to work such beautiful and talented girls. I am truely blessed. The links below will take you to Paula and Jennifer's webpages and if you require a model or stylist please email Nikita at her email address below. I promise you wont be disappointed with the girls. They are truely talented.,,


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