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Northern Ireland's Wedding Journal

On Tuesday 21st June 2011 I went on a "wee" road trip with Jennifer Ireland ( and Paula O'Hara ( to Co.Carlow. Our location was Huntington Castle. We had been asked to do a photoshoot for Northern Ireland's Wedding Journal. Of course when I got the call I jumped at the chance and didnt even think twice about saying yes. At first I had to pinch myself a few times. An editorial that was going to be published! Me, little old me!! I couldnt believe it. I was thrilled. My whole hairdressing career I had longed to do an editorial, so when we got together to discuss ideas and compare tear sheets it was great we all had the same ideas in mind. I was just thrilled not only to be working with Paula and Jennifer again but to be working for the Wedding Journal. That night amongst the creepy spiders that hid in what seemed like every corner and behind every curtain and for poor Jamie the model her bed! eek!! we disc…