Northern Ireland's Wedding Journal

On Tuesday 21st June 2011 I went on a "wee" road trip with Jennifer Ireland ( and Paula O'Hara ( to Co.Carlow. Our location was Huntington Castle. We had been asked to do a photoshoot for Northern Ireland's Wedding Journal. Of course when I got the call I jumped at the chance and didnt even think twice about saying yes. At first I had to pinch myself a few times. An editorial that was going to be published! Me, little old me!! I couldnt believe it. I was thrilled. My whole hairdressing career I had longed to do an editorial, so when we got together to discuss ideas and compare tear sheets it was great we all had the same ideas in mind. I was just thrilled not only to be working with Paula and Jennifer again but to be working for the Wedding Journal. That night amongst the creepy spiders that hid in what seemed like every corner and behind every curtain and for poor Jamie the model her bed! eek!! we discussed our ideas with the sylist and sub editor Sarah-Jayne. Everyone was on the same page and as we had an early start, 5am to be precise an early night was required. I on the other hand was 1, to excited to sleep, I felt like a kid at christmas waiting on santa coming and 2, the thought of the spiders made me uneasy so a good nights sleep was not had. It didnt make me tired though, I was too hyped on excitement for the shoot. Wednesday 22nd June, *beep* *beep* *beep* my alarm was going off, 5am flashing!!! up, breakfast, dressed and stuck into the hair. Our model Jamie O'connell from 1st Option Model Agency in Dublin was just beautiful. Her hair was perfect for this shoot. I couldnt off been happier. Between heavy rain, light rain, sunshine, bugs and walking in wellyboots we made our way through the grounds of the castle and Paula O'Hara captured the most amazing photos. We had some friends that day too, mouse and otto the most beautiful dogs, one so tiny and one so big they were nearly comical together and not forgetting the gorgeous potbelly pigs that seemed to like to follow us when they could. We had 11 dresses to shoot and not much time inbetween to do the hair changes so it was all go, go, go from the start. Thankfully we all worked well together and got the shots we needed. Once it was a wrap and the final photos were taken we got given some yummy goodies from the owner of the castle Alex. He was such a sweetheart and his family made us so welcome. He even caught our spiders for us which was great :) The magazine was published in August 2011 and to my delight one of the images from our shoot made front page!! I dont think I have been prouder! 12 pages inside and front page. Just such an honor. I had so much fun and loved every minute of my time working with the Wedding Journal. I will be keeping a copy or two of the magazine so in years to come I can show it off and still be proud of it.


  1. That sounds absolutely fabulous, congratulations! And i'm not surprised you got chosen, your hair styling is really wonderful! Sounds like it was a really great experience. And I'v got to say, the pictures and the overall hair effect came out beautifully. Well done x

    (Will definitely be watching out for this blog!)

    Rosa Fay Photography

  2. Thank you very much Rosa Fay. I just love being a hairstylist. It really is to me the bestest job ever! x


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