Bad hair day? Things of the past? I think so!

Sleeping in and missing your alarm may never be a problem again if you can perfect this Springs new trend. Messy hair is in! Greasy roots? never worry, just make sure you get the pony tail part right and your laughing your way to work in style! Follow this link for all the images Spring 2012 Hair Trends– Best Hair Trends for Spring 2012 - Harper's BAZAAR
Here are some of my personal favourites -

Sleek back roots at the Giambattista Valli Show

Sleek back roots and tied in a small half pony tail at the
Felder Felder Show

Helmut Lang Show sported the wet look no fuss messy bun ponytail

They kept it slightly cleaner at the Reed Krakoff Show and used leather to tie the pony tail

no time to shampoo hair? use dry shampoo instead. spray on roots and brush through and your good to go :)

Loving the 3 tier pony tail for the Herve Leger Show.
Again dry shampoo and like here, I would recommend buying hair bobbles that match your own hair colour.

Loving the pulled half way pony tails that Missoni created for their show :)

Like BCBG you can add mouse to the roots and go grunge.

To me this look created for the Michael Kors Show rocks.
Just tie your hair in knots and plaits and secure with bobby pins or small elastics. GENIUS

The sleek pony tail was rocked at the Donna Karan Show

I hope you like these looks to help you out on the mornings when you just cant manage to get out of bed on time for a proper blow dry. ENJOY practising :) 


  1. I love this! I think I would have to straighten my hair first though, otherwise I will be sporting some sort of curly mullet thing. I will be trying it though.

  2. let me know how you get on :) you never know, you could bring back the mullet ;)


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