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Being a hairstylist I always have to keep an eye on new trends and keep my work fresh. If you click on this link it has great ideas for hair and make-up. I cannot wait to try them out. Some of the styles I have already tried and have loved re-creating. Colouring hair has been great this year so far, the dip dye effect is brilliant and depending on the customer you can be as subtle as you like or as outrageous as they like.
Click on the link below.

 Today's Beauty Secret - Harper's BAZAAR

This messy pony tail rocks!!!
So simple to do also.
Just make sure your hair is prepped properly and
your good to go. I recommend a good mousse and
always have a nozzle on your hair drier as this helps
control the air flow and keep your hair in check.
A good backcombing brush or comb and no break
hair bobbles and kirby grips.

 If you do not own a pair of tongs or cloud nines
 you could prep hair as above and then dry the hair
80% dry and take sections about 3fingers wide and
wrap it around your fingers to make hair circles. Get
clips and secure flat to your head. Do that all over
head and then just wait until fully dry and then when
you remove the clips loosely ruffle and fix each curl to
where you want it.

 I would do as above to curl or I would use the tongs and then at the bottom of the curls I would take a small piece of the curl between my thumb and fore finger and push it up into the hair and pin. I am going to try this one out in the salon.
LOVE this look. Last year I did my own version of this for my friends new head piece collection. I'll put a picture of it below.
This to me is just beautiful. Again I have tried and tested this look on my friends and clients. One of my clients got married in October and had her own version of this done as her hair was bob length. I'll attach a photo below.

Here are some photos of the hair I have re-created from using the above as my inspiration.

I just love HAIR!!


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