Love Ever After - Weddings 2011

I was not only lucky enough to style the hair of some of my closest friends and clients for their weddings last year but I also got to get my own hair styled for my own wedding in November, (Ruairi I work with did my hair and I loved it). Phil and Cathy even got their wedding published in the Wedding Journal (included pics). It was a great year for making brides beautiful. I just love the whole process from start to finish. Sitting down with brides and discussing the dress, the theme and starting to put together ideas for the hair. I always like to try to get the hair to not only compliment the dress but to make the bride feel as comfortable as possible and of course stay in all day and night, even into the wee hours of the morning. Got to still look as good when your going to bed as it did when you first stepped into your dress :) I have put up some pictures of my beautiful brides and bridesmaids from 2011 and of course I popped a wee pic of myself with my hubby to show my own hair on my big day (Im the tattooed bride)

I am looking forward to making all my 2012 brides hair just as beautiful if not more. Always got to keep on the look out for new ideas for keeping wedding hair up to date and fresh :) xo


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