Shiny Hair? ........................ Yes Please!

Ok, so we all want beautiful shiny hair no matter what and sometimes like the adverts, we are just, sings in my head "born with it" haha, but unfortunately like most of us, we have to work at it. I have some simple rules and steps to help keep our hair under control, starting with the essentials. If you invest from the beginning you really cant go wrong (I promise).


In your kit -
*Good hairdryer - I highly recommend the Parlux range.
*Good straightners and tongs
*Velcro Rollers
*Good brushes - ideally ceramic based brushes for the round brushes as they help smooth the hair as you dry. But this denman is amazing for everyday brushing and for brushing out curls to give a smooth effect without static.(its my favorite)
*Sectioning clips to separate the hair to make it easier to blow dry.


*Always use your nozzle on your hairdryer as this helps control the air flow and stop your hair from going fuzzy and fly away.
*Always keep your heat to medium - never hot as this will just over dry your hair and leave it dull looking.
*Never use too much product. Less is definitely more. Most good products today are so concentrated that you need no more than a 5p size amount. Always work into the palms of your hands first and apply from mid length to ends of your hair, starting from the back and working your way to the front. Unless your using mousse and then you can use a good palm size amount but still apply the same way :)
*If you want lift at the root, I would use a good round brush and as your drying your hair pull the brush up and out from the root to create lift. You could use a large velcro roller after blow drying to the top section of your hair to give that extra volume.

This link is for an amazing oil I use everyday in the salon. Is amazing and really does work :)

*The light box is for fine to normal and hair and the dark box is for normal to think hair.

  If you click on this link it will take you to Harpers guide to how they do it with their celebrity hairstyles. Good read if you have a few minutes to spare :)

How to Get Shiny Hair - 5 Tricks for Shinier Hair - Harper's BAZAA

Hope these wee tips help - xo


  1. I've got the same hairdryer!It works good ;)


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