Alexa Chung - Style Muse?

Wether you understand it or not, Miss Chung is a walking muse. Any designer with half a mind wants her to wear their creations and designs. Personally I LOVE her and her unique style and its no secret I want to be her. (she is like my not-so-guilty pleasure) I could never afford to wear anything Haute Couture by Chanel but boy do I have fun rumaging through vintage shops and boutiques in Ireland and Glasgow trying to find pieces that resemble her stlye and when I go to New York in April I may just die and go to heaven haha. One day I hope to own my very own Alexa Mulberry bag (fingers crossed in NY this dream comes true) and it will be cherished and loved and passed down to my first born daughter to cherish and so forth :)

*if you can't dream whats the point?*

I hope you enjoy the below link and you can choose your favourite Alexa look and follow the links to style heaven

- Enjoy - xo

Alexa Chung Style 2011 - Tips & Advice ( UK)

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  1. She's so beautiful! :) Great photos :) Best wishes from Germany


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