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2012 take on the 20's

The latest in hair, like the front cover of Vogue this month is the elegantly inspired marcel wave which Malcom Edwards re-created beautifully on the gorgeous Kate Moss.

Like all good hairstyles you need a good foundation to be able to re-create and with the right products you can achieve anything! I am a true believer in mousse, yes, you heard, mousse haha (no longer is mousse for 80's inspired perms - thank god i hear you cry!) This wella volume mousse is amazing!
When your hair is damp (a good towel dry) apply a generous handful of mousse and work it through your whole head and re-apply a good few times to give your hair some substance. It will help hold any blowdry in place but still provide movement. To provide shine and weightless movement I would add a pea sized amount of miracle oil from Schwarzkopf. It is amazing and great value.
To re-create the above look from Junes issue of Vogue you could use Babyliss's large barrelled tongs. Once each sect…

Are you prepared for Festival Season?

It has been too many years since I myself went to a festival. The last one being Glasonbury. Which was awesome and I discovered I loved the outdoors and camping. So much fun. But just because your slumming it outdoors with no room service or personal washroom doesnt mean you have to let yourself go and look like a tramp doing it, ha ha. Dry Shampoo and baby wipes are great and most cosmetic companies now sell minatures of all their products so your not weighed down with a ruck sack full of crap just in order to look good.
Depending on the weather also you can layer up your look. Weither you prefer the shorts and shirt combo or the flowy dress/skirt cardigan combo, anything seems to go. I personally love the cropped jean hot pants with a plain t and my favourite hunter welly boots. Get yourself a good parker and your good to go :)

.....and like these lovely ladies, a great pair of sunnies and a good hat will always make you look stylish! 
The following link is to ASOS and it has some…

Vidal Sassoon - A Legend of Hair

If you have read my blog you will know how much I LOVE hair. Ever since I was a little girl I have loved all things hair. To be colouring, cutting and styling hair for a living is incredible. Best job EVER!!
So Vidal Sassoon has always been a name I heard growing up. From watching TV and seeing celebrities with amazing haircuts to reading my mums magazines and seeing hairdressers copy his signature looks. He always seemed to be ahead of the game. I myself have had a pixie crop and a box bob. Like many other females out there including many a celebrity we probably would not of had these haircuts if Mr Sassoon had never created them, especially the legendary cut on Mia Farrow for the film Rosemary's Baby. I am also a huge Chelsea FC fan and was delighted to come across the image of Vidal Sassoon cutting 1970's legend Peter Osgood's hair.

Model Peggy Moffitt who was Vidal's life long friend wore his haircuts like a fashion accessory. Just gorgeous everyday all day:)


Met Ball 2012

From frock beauty to frock horror you got to love the style that turned out for the Met Ball this year. Here is a wee run through of my favourites and my shocks of the worst. Enjoy - xo
One of my personal favourites was Gwyneth Paltrow who looked stunning and flawless in her Prada dress and Anna Hu Haute Joaillerie earrings. Her body is to die for. Her hair was sleek and effortless and complimented the whole look perfectly.  If you've got it, flaunt it. A big fat juicy 10/10 for her stylist.

I LOVE pockets and if they are in a dress I love them even more. So for me, Sarah Jessica Parker rocking a floral Valentino dress was amazing. The soft curls and natural make-up brought her whole look together and even thought its not everyones cup of tea, I adore it.

Jessica Alba in Michael Kors = AMAZING!!!!!!! Her hair is just to die for, the modern take of the Marcel Wave suits Jessica so well and the make-up and accessories are all just perfect! I LOVE it! This might actually be my ove…

Wedding Beauty

A couple of months ago I was honoured to be asked to create hairstyle's for the beautiful bride-to-be Susan McBride and her bridesmaid Ruth. With Ruth we wanted to create a very soft natural look to compliment her pastel dress and girliness. After a trial we came to agree on a sleek and beautiful hairstyle that would not only compliment Susans dress but show off her antique hairclip and gorgeous veil perfectly. Susan is so naturally beautiful and striking looking not only on the outside but on the inside too and when you see the photos below you will see what I mean.
I got to work with the crazy talented make-up artist Jennifer Ireland again and we had a wee road trip to get to Susan. Fun times as always. The photographer was Richard Watson, I have been lucky enough to work with him before on other weddings and when you see the photos below you will see how amazing he is at capturing moments and making you feel like you're part of the day.
On the morning of her Wedding, Sat…