2012 take on the 20's

The latest in hair, like the front cover of Vogue this month http://www.vogue.co.uk is the elegantly inspired marcel wave which Malcom Edwards re-created beautifully on the gorgeous Kate Moss.

Like all good hairstyles you need a good foundation to be able to re-create and with the right products you can achieve anything! I am a true believer in mousse, yes, you heard, mousse haha (no longer is mousse for 80's inspired perms - thank god i hear you cry!)
This wella volume mousse is amazing!

When your hair is damp (a good towel dry) apply a generous handful of mousse and work it through your whole head and re-apply a good few times to give your hair some substance. It will help hold any blowdry in place but still provide movement. To provide shine and weightless movement I would add a pea sized amount of miracle oil from Schwarzkopf. It is amazing and great value.

To re-create the above look from Junes issue of Vogue you could use Babyliss's large barrelled tongs. Once each section has been tonged, roll the curl up into the scalp and secure flat to the head with a clip. Do this all over your head. Oh, Top Tip, make sure you fix your parting in first and work in a brick formation around that. I'd leave your sections to set for awhile so you could do your make-up or get dressed while waiting on them cooling down. After about 20-30mins depending on the length and thickness of your hair take each clip out and let the hair fall naturally. Don't pull the hair at this stage. Now for the tricky part - you ready? Good! :) Use your fingers as a sectioning comb and slowly seperate each section. Work from the top of your head down but always cupping your hand at the bottom to keep the curl secured at the end.

If you have a Mason Pearson brush http://www.masonpearson.com nows the time to use it! Same thing with your hands, if you use your Mason to brush out the curl starting from top of head to bottom of curl use soft slow motions with your other hand to smooth through what you are brushing.

Alternatively if you cannot afford a Mason Pearson brush you can pop to your nearest Boots store and purchase a large Denman paddle brush that will also give you the same effect but at a fraction of the price!

You can all try this out at home and see what happens. Practise makes perfect after all. So practise, practise and practise some more. But remember the important word - FUN!
Have fun trying and Enjoy - xo


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