Are you prepared for Festival Season?

It has been too many years since I myself went to a festival. The last one being Glasonbury. Which was awesome and I discovered I loved the outdoors and camping. So much fun. But just because your slumming it outdoors with no room service or personal washroom doesnt mean you have to let yourself go and look like a tramp doing it, ha ha. Dry Shampoo and baby wipes are great and most cosmetic companies now sell minatures of all their products so your not weighed down with a ruck sack full of crap just in order to look good.

Depending on the weather also you can layer up your look. Weither you prefer the shorts and shirt combo or the flowy dress/skirt cardigan combo, anything seems to go. I personally love the cropped jean hot pants with a plain t and my favourite hunter welly boots. Get yourself a good parker and your good to go :)

.....and like these lovely ladies, a great pair of sunnies and a good hat will always make you look stylish! 

The following link is to ASOS and it has some fab ideas for clothing and how to look good while rocking it out at your favourite festival. Have fun looking around and choosing your favourite outfits and hair accessories. Never forget about your hair ladies - xo

I came across these websites and thought I would add them in so you can have a good noisy around and see what is in style for this summers festivals. Hope you have as much fun as I did. Enjoy - xo


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