Met Ball 2012

From frock beauty to frock horror you got to love the style that turned out for the Met Ball this year. Here is a wee run through of my favourites and my shocks of the worst.
Enjoy - xo

One of my personal favourites was Gwyneth Paltrow who looked stunning and flawless in her Prada dress and Anna Hu Haute Joaillerie earrings. Her body is to die for. Her hair was sleek and effortless and complimented the whole look perfectly. 
If you've got it, flaunt it. A big fat juicy 10/10 for her stylist.

I LOVE pockets and if they are in a dress I love them even more. So for me, Sarah Jessica Parker rocking a floral Valentino dress was amazing. The soft curls and natural make-up brought her whole look together and even thought its not everyones cup of tea, I adore it.

Jessica Alba in Michael Kors = AMAZING!!!!!!!
Her hair is just to die for, the modern take of the Marcel Wave suits Jessica so well and the make-up and accessories are all just perfect! I LOVE it! This might actually be my overall favourite from the Met Ball this year.

Now, unfortunately comes the worst dressed and the stylists have let down their stars here.

 Emma Roberts looked stunning in yellow and radiated glamour with her hair and make-up but unfortunately the Escada dress to me, was ill fitting and there is no excuse for such bad wrinkled material in the skirt department. Very sad indeed.

Cameron Diaz is normally flawless and fun and to me this Stella McCartney gown was too old for her and made her look quite matronly. If this dress had of been on Helen Mirren it would of been stunning! Also not a fan of her "something about mary" comeback hairstyle. Sorry, this really was a let down for me.

And this one makes me sad as Beyonce is gorgeous and I always thought could make a bin bag look good but unfortunately this was one of my least favourites. The Givenchy Haute Couture Dress by Riccardo Tisci to me wore her rather than Beyonce wearing it and rocking it. Her simple hair and make-up showed of her amazing beauty and this made me happy, shame her dress didnt fit the bill for me.

If you click the following link you can go and choose your favourite and worst dressed too.

Enjoy - xo


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