Vidal Sassoon - A Legend of Hair

If you have read my blog you will know how much I LOVE hair. Ever since I was a little girl I have loved all things hair. To be colouring, cutting and styling hair for a living is incredible.
Best job EVER!!

So Vidal Sassoon has always been a name I heard growing up. From watching TV and seeing celebrities with amazing haircuts to reading my mums magazines and seeing hairdressers copy his signature looks. He always seemed to be ahead of the game. I myself have had a pixie crop and a box bob. Like many other females out there including many a celebrity we probably would not of had these haircuts if Mr Sassoon had never created them, especially the legendary cut on Mia Farrow for the film Rosemary's Baby. I am also a huge Chelsea FC fan and was delighted to come across the image of Vidal Sassoon cutting 1970's legend Peter Osgood's hair.

Model Peggy Moffitt who was Vidal's life long friend wore his haircuts like a fashion accessory. Just gorgeous everyday all day:)

Here are some images of Vidal at work and his amazing cuts.
Mia Farrows legandary pixie cut

cutting Mary Quants hair

The Box Bob

Five Point Cut

The Quiff Bob

American Vogues Grace Coddington sported this amazing cut and style in the 60's and I love the victory roll tip.

If you click the link below you can see an amazing wee video showing stylist Marco Santini re-creating Vidal Sassoon's Asymmetrical Bob.
Enjoy - xo

Here is the Vogue's tribute to the legend himself Vidal Sassoon.

I hope you enjoyed my little tribute to the man who made my job I do today what it is. For that I say thank you Mr Sassoon for being such an inspiration and having the balls to think outside the box and change the face of hairdressing from the 50's to now.


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