Glamorous Grannies? Ari Seth Cohen's vision says yes

Well I came across this and just had to share. Love when I find new blogsites.
My granny is 88 years young and loves style. She is a glamorous granny.
Her own words are, "I'm 88 not dead"
Her outlook on life is amazing and I too hope that when / if I get to that ripe old age I will still rock my clothes :)
Here she is, the gorgeous and glamorous Mrs Violet Sloan.

Blogger Ari Seth Cohen seen a gap in the market and created his own blog it is fab!!!. Click on the link to follow his blog and hopefully you will look at older people in a different way.

I only hope when I'm older I too can be as fresh and creative as these amazing women.

If you click the link below you can read the article from HarpersBazaar.
Its very inspirational.


  1. Fantastic blog and brilliant post!!! You're amazing!!! You're got such fantastic taste!!! Absolutely brilliant!

  2. awh! thankyou so much. that means alot. x


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