Glamorous Grannies? Ari Seth Cohen's vision says yes

Well I came across this and just had to share. Love when I find new blogsites.
My granny is 88 years young and loves style. She is a glamorous granny.
Her own words are, "I'm 88 not dead"
Her outlook on life is amazing and I too hope that when / if I get to that ripe old age I will still rock my clothes :)
Here she is, the gorgeous and glamorous Mrs Violet Sloan.

Blogger Ari Seth Cohen seen a gap in the market and created his own blog it is fab!!!. Click on the link to follow his blog and hopefully you will look at older people in a different way.

I only hope when I'm older I too can be as fresh and creative as these amazing women.

If you click the link below you can read the article from HarpersBazaar.
Its very inspirational.

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