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OH! , Do Beehive!!! ;)

Came across this on 's website and had to share. Love a good behive me.
Back in the 60's when Brigitte Bardot rocked her beehives, the love for this hair trend has never died!

Designers have used this iconic hairstyle on their runways -



Here are some of the best beehives celebrities have sported :)

I found this photograph while searching for my beehives and had to add it as I loved it so much.

And last but by no means least, a beehive hair blog would not be complete without featuring the amazingly talented one and only Miss Amy Winehouse. RIP beautiful lady - xo

I hope you have fun creating your own beehive. Get together with your girlfriends and have fun with it.  Follow the link below and let me know if you try it and how it goes .
ENJOY - xo
Company's Guide to the Perfect Beehive ::

To Fringe or Not to Fringe?

If like me you go between having a fringe then growing it out again, Company Magazine online have a selection of fringes to suit you.
Weither you are a short fringe lover like Mara Rooney
 a long fringe lover like Sienna Miller there will definitely be a fringe out there for you.

Here are a couple of my favourite fringes and celebrities. Daisy Lowe

Alexa Chung and Florence both rock their fringes.
Follow the link below and have fun picking your own favourite fringe - Enjoy xo
Star Style: Celebrity Fringes ::

Indepenent Styling

My wee chum Kerri introduced me to her new and exciting job. She has joined forces with the Independent Styling website Stella & Dot  to show and sell their unique and totally different jewellery range. Kerri hosts trunk show parties from her home or can come to your home or office and have you styled out on your lunch hour! It really is that simple. Not only do you get fashionable jewellery to glam up any outfit but Kerri will give you style advice on how best to wear it and how to team it up with your wardrobe.
She is based in London and if you're interested at all, just click on her link below and have fun!
ENJOY - xo

I love this bracelet designed for the Jubilee. Think it will be on my wishlist :)

My 2nd published Guest Blog Spot :)

Eek!!! Here it is, my 2nd guest blog spot. I have been so lucky in my life to be able to do hair for a living. I have been truely blessed to be working in such a cool funky salon also. It really doesnt feel like a job and if I can help anyone out there to have the bestest hair they can have then my job is done! If you click the link below you can have a wee nosey and see if it helps you when coming to the decision on going lighter.
Hope you enjoy reading it. xo

Who's your Best Dressed?

It has definitely been a stylish beginning to the month. From funky prints to gorgeous dresses, I have choosen my favourites from the Vogue website and I hope you have fun choosing yours. - xo
 Pixie Lott rocks this D&G blouse and I am in LOVE with her floral head garland. I am definitely going to have to source myself one of those.
 Well, what can i say about this gorgeous Red Valentino Dress? I love it! Plus it has pockets!!! I am in love with pockets!!!! so many !!!!'s. I know, but that is how excited I am about pockets haha. It really is an obsession of mine. Clemence Poesy looks beautiful and effortlessly so. She didnt over accessorise and although its not everybodies cup of tea, I really like black with red. She is wearing this outfit, its not wearing her. :)
 Jade Parfitt and Henry Holland? Two very stylish people? YES! I think so. I LOVE this man. I think he could wear a bin bag and I'd still love him. As for Jade (you can't see it in this picture but you will o…