OH! , Do Beehive!!! ;)

Came across this on http://www.company.co.uk 's website and had to share. Love a good behive me.

Back in the 60's when Brigitte Bardot rocked her beehives, the love for this hair trend has never died!

Designers have used this iconic hairstyle on their runways -



Here are some of the best beehives celebrities have sported :)

I found this photograph while searching for my beehives and had to add it as I loved it so much.

And last but by no means least, a beehive hair blog would not be complete without featuring the amazingly talented one and only Miss Amy Winehouse. RIP beautiful lady - xo

I hope you have fun creating your own beehive.
Get together with your girlfriends and have fun with it. 
Follow the link below and let me know if you try it and how it goes .

ENJOY - xo


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