Who's your Best Dressed?

It has definitely been a stylish beginning to the month.
From funky prints to gorgeous dresses, I have choosen my favourites from the Vogue website and I hope you have fun choosing yours. - xo

 Pixie Lott rocks this D&G blouse and I am in LOVE with her floral head garland. I am definitely going to have to source myself one of those.

 Well, what can i say about this gorgeous Red Valentino Dress? I love it! Plus it has pockets!!! I am in love with pockets!!!! so many !!!!'s. I know, but that is how excited I am about pockets haha. It really is an obsession of mine. Clemence Poesy looks beautiful and effortlessly so. She didnt over accessorise and although its not everybodies cup of tea, I really like black with red. She is wearing this outfit, its not wearing her. :)

 Jade Parfitt and Henry Holland? Two very stylish people? YES! I think so. I LOVE this man. I think he could wear a bin bag and I'd still love him. As for Jade (you can't see it in this picture but you will on the Vogue link) she is carrying the most gorgeous leopard print clutch bag, I adore it and am going on the search to buy myself one. Her style is always so chic and effortless. Her hair is soft and gorgeous. Always a winner with me :)

 Keira Knightly on set in NewYork rocking floral print. I just adore floral prints and when its mixed with red and put on a dress, well, what can I say about that? I think you already know the answer haha. LOVE!!!! (more explanation points - I just can't help myself)

 OH, I think I am in heaven (want this outfit so bad) In my eyes Miss Chung can do no wrong. Like Mr Holland, I think she could wear a bin bag and make it look good. Alexa rocked her look at the Chanel couture show. Her quilted Chanel bag is small and gorgeous just like her and as the picture below shows she rocked it with Poppy Delevigne and Caroline Sieber at the show. Love Caroline Sieber's hat.

My friend Gilly from London give me a hat just like it (grey version) and I am going to bring it out of my accessories chest and rock it. Not like a style icon, obviously but I'll give it my best shot ;)

Follow the link below and have fun getting inspired to rock your own wardrobe.
Enjoy - xo


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