Buns for you :)

Well, what can I say, I don't think buns will ever go out of fashion. Weither you opt for a high top of the head bun or a classic low nape of the neck bun, there is a bun out there for everyone! yeah! :)

Here are two of my favourite celebrity high messy buns - xo

Diane Kruger and Kate Moss rock their messy buns, instead of having it so high on the head they have opted for placing their buns on their crown. I like it!

Another option is to wear your bun low. Marion Cotillard did just that and wore her bun at the nape of her neck. It looks effortlessly chic :)

There are so many options you can choose from. Company magazine have created a great montage of celebrity buns. Have fun choosing your favourite and rocking your very own bun!
If you click on this link you can view all the buns out there :)

Want to know how to do your own high bun? Well, first off you need the essential's.

Here is a list of what you will need -

1) No snag hair bobble (preferrably in your own hair colour)

2) Bobby pins (again in your own hair colour)

3) Denman brush to smooth the hair

4) HairSpray (I love Elnett)

5) Dust it by Schwarzkopf
Now here is how to do it :)
If you turn your head upside down and get your denman brush and brush all your hair up to the top of your head. Keep brushing your hair until the hair is smooth and using your hair bobble secure your hair into a ponytail. Depending on how high you want your bun gage were to place your ponytail. Once you have decided this you are good to go.
I would now use your dust it and shake it over your ponytail, this will give your hair more texture and volume to create your bun. Have your bobbypins ready at this point. Grab the hair and start to twist and move it around the base of your ponytail covering your hair bobble. Keep moving the hair around until you have made your basic bun shape. When you are happy with it start placing your bobbypins into the bottom of your bun into your bobble. Use as many pins as you need to secure it and once your happy with your bun, hairspray the life out of it haha. :) 

Here is my own attempt at a high bun. I was going to Porfaferry in Northern Ireland and it was a windy day so thought best to keep my hair out of the way.
Hope you have fun re-creating your own bun. - xo


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