Beauty Matters!

Every now and again you come across a little gem hiding in the woods and that is exactly what I did. In East Belfast where I live a lovely little beauty salon opened and as with all new places you always want to have a nosey and check them out. Well, boy am I glad I did. I walked into Angel Face Beauty and was greeted by a beautiful looking girl who even though she was dealing with a customer looked up to greet me and let me know she would be with me in a minute. While I was waiting I couldn't help notice how calm the place felt. Nice chilled out music and the decor was girlie and rich :) I loved it! The girl Stephanie works with her mum Sally and between them they are a duo that rock the beauty world. I took a leaflet and brought it home to have a look. I have always had problems getting a good bikini wax done and thought well, whats the worst that can happen haha, I'll try them out and see. Well I am so glad I did. Without a word of exaggeration BEST bikini wax I have ever had. Hardly hurt, made to feel so comfortable and best part? No ingrown hairs! - you know how they are girls! Eek! So happy. Then for my nails, Stephanie did the mani-q nails with added nail art of my choice. Well as you all may know by now, I'm a sucker for a bit of leopard print so with patience and a lot of skill and talent Stephanie hand drew my gel nails with a added leopard print on my ring fingers and thumbs. ABSOLUTELY love them! Great job and a week later they are still fab and I have been cutting, colouring and washing hair all week. I will enclose a photo of them so you can agree haha. While I was getting my nails done I was told about the fab HD Eyebrows and give them a go also. I was not disappointed, they are amazing! They were dyed, threaded, plucked and waxed to perfection and I will most definitely be a repeat customer. Please check out their website and have a nosey at everything they do.


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