New York Fashion Week with our Irish Lads

I am very proud to say that I know and have met and worked with two of Northern Ireland's best home grown hairdressers. They are Leon Gorman and John Mullan who both started out their lives in Northern Ireland and have become global hairstyling icons.

John is based in London and owns his own salon called Stone Hair and Leon and lives between Brooklyn, NY and Milan with his beautiful wife Benedetta Dell'orto who works for Italian Elle Magazine as their Accessories Director and Senior Fashion Editor, such a dream team! 
This year they worked together for NY Fashion Week creating amazing hair styles for Vivienne Tam and Monika Chiang's new 2013 collections.

As always Leon and John knocked it out of the park. I wouldn't off expected anything else. They both inspire me to be a better hairdresser and for that I am always truly grateful. I love following their hairdressing careers and taking any tips I can from them.
Thank you guys <3
Leon and John working their magic <3

Monika Chiang RTW Spring 2013 NYC
Vivienne Tam Summer 2013




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