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Sparkle this Christmas??

Christmas Do coming up? Not sure what to do with your hair or wondering what to wear? Well, I have a little idea I'd like to share. I love a bit of sparkle and don't know many girls out there who don't. I recently had a little girl and called her Florence and hope she grows up to love a little bit of sparkle too ;)  I found this dress on the TopShop website and thought it was just fabulous.

Follow the link below to take you to the dress on the TopShop website.
This dress is also available in black for those who just love a LBD
The model here is wearing a strappy…

Fashion Week

Check out @wmagkatie's Tweet:

Katrina and Roberts Wedding

Please follow this link to online magazine One Fab Day and see the gorgeous wedding of Katrina and Robert. I was asked to create the hair for the beautiful bride Katrina and her chief bridesmaid and sister Denise.
 Gillian Higgins did an amazing job on the photography as I'm sure after seeing the images you will agree :)

Pregnancy Hair

Being a hairdresser can bring lots of challenges. One of which is dealing with pregnancy hair. I have helped  many of my clients through their pregnancies and tried my best to protect their hair. Unfortunately there is no miracle cure and every single person is different. Pregnancy affects every woman differently. Some keep their hair the whole way through the pregnancy and don't start to lose it until their babies are about 3months old. Others find their hair goes very fine and lack lustre throughout the whole 9 months, and its only once the baby is born and they aren't having to use all their extra vitamins etc to grow and protect their baby, that their hair starts to go back to normal (although define normal these days). Due to our wee babies having to take all our goodness to grow and stay healthy in our wombs, our bodies sometimes suffer. All worth it in the end mind you ;)  I myself am 7months pregnant and have found that my hair and nails have become more fragile and w…

Loving Art - A Natural Talent

Some people are born with god given talents. They can create something beautiful out of nothing. This talent has been gifted to my friend Rachel Hutchinson, now White.  Her ability to work with textiles and paints are incredible.
If you had an old run down chair or piece of furniture that was sentimental but on its last legs, you could talk to Rachel. She will lovingly sew up a new life for your belongings.

Rachel's work can be seen in the maternity ward of the Ulster Hospital, which I will have the honour of looking at in August when I go to have my first child.

When Rachel got married, she hand sewed her own wedding bouquet, it was exquisite, as I'm sure you will agree from this photograph. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the dream of making them for other brides will be fulfilled and you too will be able to have your very own personalised bouquet from her shop on (not yet set up) - Yeah!, it's now set up. Here is the link to follow - http://www.etsy.c…

love and the shoreline

Every now and then inspiration strikes and in the world of creativity this brings people together. I have been blessed throughout my hairdressing career to work with some crazy talented people and this shoot was no different. I think the bar was most definitely raised! Wedding stylist and event designer Alise Taggart of has worked with one of my all time favourite photographers, Elizabeth Messina, so when I was first asked to create the hair for this shoot I of course jumped at the chance. Alise found Paula O'hara while looking for her own wedding photographer and like me fell totally in love with her work. To me, Paula O'hara is right up there in my most admired photographer list. The work Paula creates with natural light is just breathtaking. So when these two creative forces got together to create a wedding shoot, I knew it could only be one thing.........MAGICAL!!! I couldn't wait to work with Paula again and knowi…

Face of Blush 2013

I was honoured to create the hair for Belfast's leading Bridal Boutique, Blush.
Click the link below for a wee sneak peak at photos from our shoot today. I'll write up a full blog when the official photographs are released. Excited for this one. Xo

Bohemian Wedding Dream

Here is a sneak peak of what's to come. I had the honour of working with my dream team again and then some. Ill write up a proper blog on the creative shoot when all the images and video comes through. Very excited about it, indeed. Great to work with such talented people. 
Click this link to see a clip of the video from Story of Eve - Images from Paula O'hara http://www.paulaohara.comxo  

My Dream Team

In December 2012 I was delighted to work with my dream team again. 
Paula Ohara is an amazing photographer whose style is so soft,natural and whimsical and Jennifer Ireland is a fabulous makeup artist who just blows me away every time with her ability to create any look out there. We are friends also which makes each creative shoot so much fun. We love our wee road trips :) 
After this shoot we got it published on an online magazine Heirloom which was great. Follow the link below to check it out - Thank you - xo

A Beautiful and Unique Wedding

Last year I was asked by my friend and makeup artist Jennifer Ireland to set up a stall to talk about hair and do some demonstrations at a charity night she was organising to raise money for a Northern Ireland charity Pretty in Pink. Of course I said yes. I got to meet lots of lovely ladies and raise money for a great cause. At the event I had the pleasure of meeting one of the loveliest girls I have ever met. After talking to her about wedding hair and life in general she booked me to create her own wedding hair. This lovely lady was Abigail and here is her blog about her wedding day. It is to this day one of the most unique and beautifully crafted weddings I have ever had the privilege to be apart of. Abigail and her now husband Ryan own their own business were they hand stitch and sew beautiful household pieces. With their combined skills they handmade and crafted their whole wedding, right down to the gorgeous cake. It was fabulous!!!! Follow the link below to read and see some p…

Love Hair-Love Life: Attune Womenswear Web Launch

Love Hair-Love Life: Attune Womenswear Web Launch: In November 2012 I was approached by John Dermott, Lesley-Ann O'Donnell and Theresa Hannon of marketing company AV Browne http://www.avb...

Attune Womenswear Web Launch

In November 2012 I was approached by John Dermott, Lesley-Ann O'Donnell and Theresa Hannon of marketing company AV Browne to create the hair for an up and coming campaign they were working on. It was for a new clothing company called Attune Womenswear -
Of course I jumped at the chance. The whole range is very soft and light and is designed to work with women's body temperatures to make them feel as comfortable as possible while still looking stylish. My mum went through treatment for cancer and if this brand had of been available then it would of helped greatly with her constantly fluctuating temperatures. It's such a great product for anyone who is active and always on the go. The creator of the company Clare Marie Passmore of Clear Spirit Design collaborated with local Belfast Designer Bronagh Griffin of Nineteenthirty Atelier, to create each piece. They hired the crazy talented sty…

Stylish to a T!

Every now and then someone comes along who just gets it and to me that lady is Diane Kruger. From her hair and make-up to her fashion sense, she just knows how to dress for her shape and age. She never seems to get it wrong. Even when its wrong she's right :-) I'm loving her effortless styling for her new movie roll in The Host. Both black outfits both totally different. She rocked her subtle floral black dress from Thakoon's new Autumn/Winter Collection and then her casual take on the LBD with her Victoria Beckham sleeveless black and white blazer finished with a crisp white shirt. Loved them! Diane's hair and make-up is always effortless too. She is never afraid to try new styles or make her own trends. Whether its a high ponytail or a soft updo she knocks it out of the park everytime. Diane Kruger is a true style icon.Go to for more images and fabulousness - xo

Excited for the new Chanel Film

Keira Knightley To Play Coco Chanel...

Sleeping Beauty

If you haven't heard of these rollers, where have you been hiding? ;-) No more waking up with messy hair, no more excuses! They are so easy to put in and so soft you hardly feel like you have them in.Wee Tip no1 - Make sure when you're blow drying your hair you use the nozzle on your drier(very important). This helps control the air flow and stops the hair from getting fly away and reduces the frizz. Wee Tip No2 - Try not to put the rollers in too much of a formal formation. Put some to the side, upside down etc. This helps give a lovely natural flow to the curls. Practice what looks best for your hair type and have fun with it :-) Wee Tip No3 - When winding your hair around the roller always make sure you tuck the end in smoothly and don't let it stick out as this will result in your curls having an unsightly tick at the end. Finally when you are removing your rollers in the morning don't just pull them out any shape. Take each roller and gently pull it out with one h…

To Be ... Or Not to Be ... Best Dressed

This January welcomed with open arms the 70th Golden Globes Awards and I was NOT disappointed with the glamour. Well, when I say disappointed, I was taken back with a few choices but I'm only going to show my favourites as from this statement that follows you will be able to pick out from the images on who I did not like, hee hee. Too many stars did an Angelia Jolie with leg split dresses and I personally didn't like them, but then again, wouldn't the world be a very boring place if we were all the same?.....Yes ;)
Jessica Alba definitely stood out for me, her Oscar de la Renta gown was exquisite, her orange lipstick and 1940's inspired hair was just beautiful. Her stylist deserves a big fat juicy 10/10.

Zooey Dechannel also wore Oscar de la Renta and her hair was simple and elegant, the curled high ponytail is definitely going to be a big thing for 2013, well I think it should be anyways ;)

I was delighted to see two of Hollywood's most glam…