Do you rock your crop?

Women have always had the option of rocking short hair but it really kicked off in the1960's when Vidal Sassoon decided to cut Mia Farrow's hair short on set of Rosemary's Baby. It started the pixie trend. Since then if you have been brave enough to rock it and own your hair, the pixie crop has made its comeback. 

Many celebrities are choosing to go for the crop and for those who aren't just brave enough for the full pixie, they are going for a longer version with a bit of softness. 

Here are a few of my favourites including Mia Farrow who started it all off.

If you can rock it, do it - xo

Mia Farrow

Michelle Williams finding her inner Mia

Halle Berry

Emma Willis

Anne Hathaway's slightly softer pixie crop

Rihanna rocking her crop

Anne Hathaway when she first went for the crop

Sienna Millar opting for a longer version

Frankie from The Saturdays

Gorgeous model rocking a short crop


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