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Stylish to a T!

Every now and then someone comes along who just gets it and to me that lady is Diane Kruger. From her hair and make-up to her fashion sense, she just knows how to dress for her shape and age. She never seems to get it wrong. Even when its wrong she's right :-) I'm loving her effortless styling for her new movie roll in The Host. Both black outfits both totally different. She rocked her subtle floral black dress from Thakoon's new Autumn/Winter Collection and then her casual take on the LBD with her Victoria Beckham sleeveless black and white blazer finished with a crisp white shirt. Loved them! Diane's hair and make-up is always effortless too. She is never afraid to try new styles or make her own trends. Whether its a high ponytail or a soft updo she knocks it out of the park everytime. Diane Kruger is a true style icon.Go to for more images and fabulousness - xo

Excited for the new Chanel Film

Keira Knightley To Play Coco Chanel...

Sleeping Beauty

If you haven't heard of these rollers, where have you been hiding? ;-) No more waking up with messy hair, no more excuses! They are so easy to put in and so soft you hardly feel like you have them in.Wee Tip no1 - Make sure when you're blow drying your hair you use the nozzle on your drier(very important). This helps control the air flow and stops the hair from getting fly away and reduces the frizz. Wee Tip No2 - Try not to put the rollers in too much of a formal formation. Put some to the side, upside down etc. This helps give a lovely natural flow to the curls. Practice what looks best for your hair type and have fun with it :-) Wee Tip No3 - When winding your hair around the roller always make sure you tuck the end in smoothly and don't let it stick out as this will result in your curls having an unsightly tick at the end. Finally when you are removing your rollers in the morning don't just pull them out any shape. Take each roller and gently pull it out with one h…