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Pregnancy Hair

Being a hairdresser can bring lots of challenges. One of which is dealing with pregnancy hair. I have helped  many of my clients through their pregnancies and tried my best to protect their hair. Unfortunately there is no miracle cure and every single person is different. Pregnancy affects every woman differently. Some keep their hair the whole way through the pregnancy and don't start to lose it until their babies are about 3months old. Others find their hair goes very fine and lack lustre throughout the whole 9 months, and its only once the baby is born and they aren't having to use all their extra vitamins etc to grow and protect their baby, that their hair starts to go back to normal (although define normal these days). Due to our wee babies having to take all our goodness to grow and stay healthy in our wombs, our bodies sometimes suffer. All worth it in the end mind you ;)  I myself am 7months pregnant and have found that my hair and nails have become more fragile and w…

Loving Art - A Natural Talent

Some people are born with god given talents. They can create something beautiful out of nothing. This talent has been gifted to my friend Rachel Hutchinson, now White.  Her ability to work with textiles and paints are incredible.
If you had an old run down chair or piece of furniture that was sentimental but on its last legs, you could talk to Rachel. She will lovingly sew up a new life for your belongings.

Rachel's work can be seen in the maternity ward of the Ulster Hospital, which I will have the honour of looking at in August when I go to have my first child.

When Rachel got married, she hand sewed her own wedding bouquet, it was exquisite, as I'm sure you will agree from this photograph. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the dream of making them for other brides will be fulfilled and you too will be able to have your very own personalised bouquet from her shop on (not yet set up) - Yeah!, it's now set up. Here is the link to follow - http://www.etsy.c…

love and the shoreline

Every now and then inspiration strikes and in the world of creativity this brings people together. I have been blessed throughout my hairdressing career to work with some crazy talented people and this shoot was no different. I think the bar was most definitely raised! Wedding stylist and event designer Alise Taggart of has worked with one of my all time favourite photographers, Elizabeth Messina, so when I was first asked to create the hair for this shoot I of course jumped at the chance. Alise found Paula O'hara while looking for her own wedding photographer and like me fell totally in love with her work. To me, Paula O'hara is right up there in my most admired photographer list. The work Paula creates with natural light is just breathtaking. So when these two creative forces got together to create a wedding shoot, I knew it could only be one thing.........MAGICAL!!! I couldn't wait to work with Paula again and knowi…