love and the shoreline

Every now and then inspiration strikes and in the world of creativity this brings people together.
I have been blessed throughout my hairdressing career to work with some crazy talented people and this shoot was no different. I think the bar was most definitely raised!
Wedding stylist and event designer Alise Taggart of has worked with one of my all time favourite photographers, Elizabeth Messina, so when I was first asked to create the hair for this shoot I of course jumped at the chance. Alise found Paula O'hara while looking for her own wedding photographer and like me fell totally in love with her work. To me, Paula O'hara is right up there in my most admired photographer list. The work Paula creates with natural light is just breathtaking. So when these two creative forces got together to create a wedding shoot, I knew it could only be one thing.........MAGICAL!!!
I couldn't wait to work with Paula again and knowing that make-up artist Jennifer Ireland, was on board, well, it was a no brainer really, heehee. My wee dream team were back together! Although, I won't lie to you, deep down I was a little scared! Could I achieve and create the hair to match up with such wonderful expectations?! This was a biggy!
Michael Toman owner of Story of Eve collaborated with his sister Paula O'hara to create the most beautiful video of this shoot. It can be seen here -
We went to Whiterocks Beach in Portrush for this shoot and as we had already postponed the shoot from our original date due to our Northern Irish weather, we just had to grab the bull by the horns and work around the wind and rain. Which our two models Ruta Mineikyte and Piaras Smyth did brilliantly.  
Due to shooting on the beach there was no electricity so I had already prepped Ruta's hair in my house before we set off. This meant that everything else could be finished on location and I had to get creative which was lots of fun and challenging at the same time. I'm  6 1/2 months pregnant and 5ft 1" tall, so trying to reach two nearly 6ft models was I'm sure, funny to watch :)
There were too many wonderful aspects and elements to this shoot for me to pick a favourite. From the flowers created by Tim of Floral Earth, to the macaroons lovingly made by JBird Bakery the shoot came together beautifully.
Paula and Alise's vision was well and truly achieved that day. They even managed to bring a stunning horse into the mix. These two are a team to be watching out for.
Please click the following link to view for yourself the stunning work these girls created
 - Enjoy - xo
Here is a list of everyone involved in making this shoot happen. Thanks guys xo
Photographer - Paula O'Hara
... Alise Taggart - Stylist
Cinematography - Story of Eve
Floral Earth - florals, driftwood, hurricane vases,
Ursula Bamford - headpieces,
Jennifer Ireland - makeup
Lynette Murray, - hair
Ivory & Pearl, - dresses
Table 10 - chivari chairs,
Paperbark - stationery
Ruta Mineikyte - model
Piaras Smyth - model
Cakes by James
J Bird Bakery - macarons
Innocent Chaos Jewellry - feather bouquet
Edie- the horse - owner Jenna Coote 


The beautiful dresses were from


  1. Great post Lynette! It was great working with you, and I'll hopefully have a few shots of you stretching up to fix hair in the 'Behind the Scenes' feature I'm putting together!

  2. Awh, thank you Michael. Oh, that would be fab. Looking forward to seeing the "behind the scenes" video :) I'm doing wedding hair next week for a girl who has booked you and Paula. Excited for that also :)


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