Pregnancy Hair

Being a hairdresser can bring lots of challenges. One of which is dealing with pregnancy hair. I have helped  many of my clients through their pregnancies and tried my best to protect their hair. Unfortunately there is no miracle cure and every single person is different. Pregnancy affects every woman differently. Some keep their hair the whole way through the pregnancy and don't start to lose it until their babies are about 3months old. Others find their hair goes very fine and lack lustre throughout the whole 9 months, and its only once the baby is born and they aren't having to use all their extra vitamins etc to grow and protect their baby, that their hair starts to go back to normal (although define normal these days). Due to our wee babies having to take all our goodness to grow and stay healthy in our wombs, our bodies sometimes suffer. All worth it in the end mind you ;) 
I myself am 7months pregnant and have found that my hair and nails have become more fragile and weak. When I first found out I was pregnant, I went from taking folic acid to pregnacare plus with omega 3. It has every vitamin needed to help you and your baby. The omega 3 helps with brain and eye development. Once my baby is born, I will be taking a skin, nail and hair supplement. This will help with the control of hair loss.

Tips for washing your hair to avoid tats (so not pulling out any hair - we need to keep it)

Always try to wash your hair in the shower standing up as this will help with the tangles and knots. Use a wide toothed comb to comb the conditioner through. Leave on for at least 5mins. Never towel dry your hair. This causes friction and creates tats. Pat dry your hair with your towel and use the wide tooth comb again to comb through your wet hair before applying any product.


When your hair is damp and just before you blowdry it, here are a few of my favourite thickening products. Every little helps as they say ;)


Bumble & Bumble Prep Spray and Thickening Hairspray, both can be applied when hair is damp and help give hair a boost.
Also, a good mousse, Wella do a fab one called extra volume wet mousse.

Some products and accessories I recommend to use are -

* The Loreal Elvive extraordinary oil is amazing and is only £9.99 so won't break the bank. 
* Tangle Teezers are amazing! They don't pull your hair or rip it out, they help reduce the amount of hair that comes out with every brush. 
* Also, if you can use a hair bobble that has no metal connection, this helps with hair breakage.

Boots and Body Shop sell these products :)


Be good to your hair and skin throughout your pregnancy and drink plenty of water! Nettle leaf tea is also great to help promote healthy hair, nails, skin and bones :)

Hope this helps, even a little. Thank you for reading - xo



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