Loving your job rocks!

I'm just rewriting this as I really do believe hairdressers have the best job. Well I think so anyways. Yes its long hours on your feet and you don't neccessarily get proper "breaks" all the time but it is ALL worth it. Everyday I get to be creative. I cut, colour and style people's hair. Everyday is always different. I work part time now after having my beautiful daughter from an amazing salon called Blue and the team I work with are just BRILLIANT, they are all so talented and its inspirational to work and learn from them every day. Our aim is simple.....GREAT HAIR ALL OF THE TIME!! I am lucky enough to also be able to be creative outside of salon hours and work on photo shoots and fashion shows. I have been honoured to work with some of Northern Ireland's top hairstylists, photographers, make-up artists and stylists. I truely am blessed to be working with such amazing people. I specialise in wedding hair and have worked for some beautiful brides. I love being able to be apart of their day and help them to feel as beautiful on the outside as they have all been on the inside. Well, that's it for today, just wanted to say how fab it is to be a hairdresser and make people feel good about themselves and their hair. 
One of my beautiful brides Katrina. Photography by Gillian Higgins Xxx 


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