The Honour that is, The First Haircut :)

First haircuts, what can I say about first haircuts?! Well, to me, it's a true privilege to be asked to cut anyone's hair but to be trusted to give your little angel pie pudding faces their very first haircut is an honour. With having my own little angel pie pudding face, aka, Florence, I know exactly how it feels. You just love every single little hair on their head and to cut it off is like, No!!!!! They won't be babies anymore, they're growing up too fast, let's just leave it, yeah?! So when you ask me to give your son or daughter their first haircut, it's not only an honour, but it's such a big part of their life and your wee one growing up. It's lovely to keep some of their hair from the first cut and date it so you can always remember that day your baby wasn't really a baby anymore, but growing into a lovely wee toddler and person all of their own. 
Big steps, and if you're anything like me, it is documented for when they're older and you can bore them with, this was when you had your first haircut, this is when?!........and so on!  

I wanted to write this wee post as yesterday a lovely client, and now friend Lesley-Ann asked me to cut her daughters hair for the first time and I was truly honoured. 
Wee Loretta was an absolute star and Lesley-Ann documented it. 
I wanted to share the images as they were too cute not to.

A big thank you, not only for trusting me to give Loretta her first haircut, but for letting me share on my wee blog. Xo

Getting ready to cut Loretta's hair

Loretta being my amazing assistant and helping with the important water spraying.

Taking the first section to Loretta's first haircut.
The first cut of the scissors and the start of the first ever haircut :)

Loretta helping me with the important combing!

Loretta being the best client ever!

Just double checking the haircut is okay

Loretta loving her gown and being a star!
Loretta's first haircut complete - beautiful waves and bounce!
Loretta's beautiful new hair - xo

LoveHair-LoveLife xo


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