Sunday, 22 November 2015

"In The Midst"

‘’In The Midst”

I loved creating the hair for this shoot. Adam and Grace from Clay approached me about collaborating on a wedding editorial with a twist. They choose the perfect people to capture their vision and it was amazing to work with such talented people. Rachel who owns a bridal boutique in Newry, The White Gallery supplied the most exquisite selection of dresses and headpieces. I really want to renew my own wedding vows again just so I can buy one of her pieces. My friend and extremely talented makeup artist Jennifer Ireland created the most beautiful makeup to capture the mood of the shoot perfectly. Flowers were created by Flowers by Mee and the bold colours and textures really suited our theme. Models Laura and Jonny were actually the gorgeous husband and wife from Betty Williamson Wedding and Events Planning who helped style and put the whole shoot together. Our location was the stunning Slieve Gullion just outside Newry and it was breathe taking. The mist and fog made our jobs easier for the look we were going for. The weather gods helped us out big time on this shoot. 

Photo Credits

Models - Laura and Jonny

It really was a pleasure to be asked to create the hair for this shoot and to work with such talented people. 

My job rocks. 

LoveHair-LoveLife xo

Sunday, 15 November 2015

Planning your Wedding Day? Please Don't Stress :)

So, you have said yes to your soul mate, the person of your dreams. 
You're finally floating down from cloud 9, to maybe an 8 ;) 
The planning begins ......... it is super exciting and scary all at once. 

I will be married 4 years on the 25th November this year and would do it all again in a heart beat, to the same man of course ;). Neal and I loved planning our wedding together. We had so much fun as a couple picking everything from our venue to the table names. 
I think that would be my advice to you for planning your big day! Remember you're not marrying yourself. This may sound silly, but it is amazing how caught up you could get in the tiny mundane details that really don't matter. 
You're marrying your other/better half ;) because they make your heart warm, your head fuzzy and your knees go weak, teehee, (well, I did) The most important part of your wedding day should be that you're marrying the man or woman of your dreams. 

Your wedding day is the start of your beautiful life together, either as husband and wife, wife and wife or husband and husband. 
Once you let love into your heart, don't let it go. 
Don't forget it was love that got you to the walk up the aisle to begin with. 

Yes, we all want a beautiful wedding day, I think my wedding to Neal was beautiful. We said our vows in the Ulster Museum. It was perfect for us. I had my perfect dress, Neal had his perfect suit that he chose himself. He wore custom made Nike HighTops in the colours of our wedding, I wore navy blue suede shoes and he had a killer Trilby. 

I think as a couple you should definitely sit down together and decide what is important to you both and what to spend your money on. Deciding on the photographer to capture your perfect day to your florist, there are so many amazing talented people out there. You will find someone within your budget. I will say one thing though, my biggest regret from our wedding day is that we didn't get a videographer and now that I have my wee daughter Florence, I wish I had a wedding video to show her and for me too. She loves looking through Neal and I's wedding album and pointing people out and laughing at me for some reason, hehe :) While some couples will be creative and style and dress their own rooms and tables, some may prefer to pay someone to take this on, no way is right or wrong. Just do what makes you both happy. If you can't decide on something, stop, think about it and try to compromise. 

Make your wedding day about the two of you. Don't be afraid to be you. 
Put your own wee stamp of personality to your wedding. 

Don't look back with regrets. 
Always look back with the fondest memories and biggest smiles. 

Happy planning! 

LoveHair-LoveLife xo