Jamberry Nail Fun

Well guys, you know me. I try my hardest to keep up to date with my blog, but these days between life and work, and well, being a full time mum to a beautiful little 2&1/2 year old daughter Florence. My life is pretty hectic. Fun, but mad! 

I am always trying to think of cool things that I think Florence would like to do. As a mum, I want the best for my daughter and being a little weird, I don't like to put nail polish on her finger nails. One, it's toxic and I don't want her biting it off and eating it. Two, trying to get a 2 year old to sit and wait for her nails is dry is, well, stupid and not going to happen, hehe!! Three, Jamberry nails are 100% non toxic & safe, and totally kind to her skin........... and Four, I'm a sucker for anything I can do with Florence that brings us closer together and we can share proper mummy, daughter Anyone who knows Florence, knows only too well her love of stickers. So when my friend Cathy came to me with her new business venture, I was suitably excited and had to buy ALL the skull and dinosaur nails. Like, please! who doesn't need a little dinosaur or polka dot on your baby finger?! 

Please click on her link to her Facebook page below and you can see all the exciting Jamberry nail activities you can get involved with.

The following images are from when we did the skull and polka dot wraps on Florence's nails. She loves them and shows them off to anyone who will listen, hehe. 

The link below will take you straight to Cathy's Jamberry website and explain everything that is fabulous about Jamberry nails. 

Please check it out guys. 

Thank you. xo


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