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Well, what can I say? I have been loving my new studio since I opened up in March of this year. The reason I got in to using organic and paraben/sulphate free products started when my mum was diagnosed with her bowel illness. I started to research products and their properties. Sulphates and paraben's are not good for your body and your bowel cannot break them down! I myself am gluten free so this really was a no brainer for me when I was introduced to Arbonne. All their products are gluten free, organic and vegan. Yes, they may be slightly more expensive than some brands but I would rather invest in better products that I can not only use on myself but I can use on my clients too. The products are paraben free and cruelty free too. The more I think about it the more I understand why I have chosen to have my studio as my wee haven. I wouldn't want anyone to test products on my daughter or my wee cat Lola so why would I think it was okay for other poor defenceless animals to be tested on just so I can buy a cheaper product!? I just can't do it! It is totally a personal journey I am on and I know it is not for everyone. After months of using Davines and Maria Nila products I could really see the difference in my clients hair. I wanted to get into skin care and makeup too but didn't really know how. Well, this is when the universe sent me the lovely makeup artist Nicola O'Neill, make up, hair and beauty She contacted me through my facebook page about the Arbonne range. She had thought it would be a great mix with what I was already doing in my studio and boy was she right. Not only has the skincare changed my face and made me feel amazing, the makeup is fabulous too. I invested in both packages and couldn't be happier with my decision. I became a consultant and this gave me discounts to buy further into the brand and I have now have a preferred client list and consultants on my team. My dream is to educate and have more and more people realise how important our decisions are to the environment also. We cannot be ignorant to what is going on around us! Not only are you using amazing products that are great for you, make you look and feel younger and amazing but it gives you the opportunity to build your own wee business too if you wish to do so. If you would like be become a preferred client and get amazing savings on your products rather than become an consultant you can do that too. There are lots of great ways to start using Arbonne products and slowly introduce one product at a time to your own daily routine. you don't have to invest in the full value packs, you can shop as a guest on my website just like you would if you were online shopping for any other products that get delivered straight to your door. I love my job and love that what I purchase isn't harming the environment I live in. I am building a future for my family. I want my daughter to grow up knowing that our consequences of what we do on earth matters. To find out more just send me a wee message. I promise you guys will not be disappointed. Start thinking about what you put on your skin and how it can effect your health. 60% of what we put on our skin and wash our hair with gets digested into our blood stream and system. We only get one go at this life and we should grab it with both hands. Sick of feeling sluggish and tired? Arbonne have an amazing healthy eating plan too. All vegan and gluten free, so nothing to annoy or upset your bowel or stomach! I have invested a lot of time researching each product I use and the nutritional side of Arbonne is unbelievable. I have lost just over a stone following their healthy eating programmes. I have way more energy and feel better too. Love yourself and love your body.

Thank you for reading this if you took the time.
Lots of Love, Lynette xx


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