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Be the A Team

Who is currently sitting at their desk in work wishing they weren’t? Who’s currently missing time with their kids because they don’t have time to do anything but work? If like me you have decided to make time in your life for better relationships, better family time, better you time, more finical stability, then this is the challenge for you! You can change your lifestyle one step at a time! Network marketing is leading the way to help anyone out there willing to put their trust in themselves as well as the person who comes to you and sees something in you that you don’t even know is there! Arbonne has shown me what is actually possible and believe me it’s limitless! All you have to do is trust in yourself, trust in your sponsor and team. Be a team player! I’m forever grateful that @loudnic seen something in me and now our wee team here in Northern Ireland is going for region! (This means Nicola will be gifted a white Mercedes - my own goal too) Big things are happening and I’m so pro…

Following my Dreams

As you all know, I love my job! I love life! I love god! But all in all I love my wee family and want to spend more time with them! I want to spend more time in my wee studio I’ve created for myself and my clients. Portview has given me the haven I’ve always dreamt off! It’s given me my dream business. A cruelty free, vegan friendly hair haven. From here I’ve grown so much as a person and the passion and ethos I have for my brand, Lynette Murray Hair is going from strength to strength. Finding Arbonne and following their ethos and how they treat people is unbelievable. I’m going to concentrate on my studio and making a space that feels like home. A place you can come to and not only get your hair done but a wee haven to sit and relax and be you. It will always be a one on one experience unless you book to come in with friends or family members. I’m excited for my next chapter and journey in my life. I’m turning 40 in June and so thankful for everything I have achieved up to now, but I…

RE9 Gold Bag

Hey everyone. This is Florence being my glamorous assistant, hehe. I am loving the Arbonne RE9 Advanced skincare range. I will be 40 in June and it has transformed my skin. Watch this wee video and if you would like to try the RE9 set before you buy get in touch. You can borrow the Gold Bag to use at home for 4-5 days so you can get a feel of how it works.

You can go to my online store and have a nosey for yourself all the amazing pure, safe and beneficial products Arbonne have to offer. I promise you won't be disappointed.

Love Always and Always Love xo