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What is a mother?

What is a mother, a god mother, but a sister in love! 
A mother does not have to physically birth a child to love that child unconditionally. 
To know that unconditional love. That feeling, you know that feeling. That is a mother.
A mother loves unconditionally because that love is endless, it knows no bounds. 
When you hold a child dear that is LOVE. That is being a mother.
Love is that feeling in your inner soul, that feeling that runs so deep you cannot breathe.
Love holds us captive. It holds our emotions like an eggshell waiting to drop. 
These are the things that make you a mother.
Emotions are powerful, we are powerful. 
A mother, a god mother, a sister in love. 

Written by Lynette Murray - a mother to a daughter who is loved unconditionally by all her sisters in love.